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Welcome to Old World Kennels 

Welcome! Benvenuto! Wilkommen!​

Breeding dogs marries two of my greatest loves.  I was a history major in University and I adore dogs.  In my mind, the role of a breeder is being a curator of the past.  Understanding the historic role of a dog, the intention of its function and the traits that were sought out are integral to developing a program for the future that maintains those characteristics.  Often a breed can be seen to reflect aspects of the people that refined those same qualities.


Breeding dogs is a passion, a labour of love and is an enormous responsibility.   It starts by carefully selecting health tested stud dogs and bitches of stable temperament  that meet specific criteria, but it does not end with the birth of a litter of puppies.  A responsible breeder takes the time to know each individual puppy to be able to pair them with the most appropriate home.  Breeders build the majority of the their reputation by word of mouth,  so it is in their best interest that their puppies are successful in their new families.  Breeders remain committed to that success for the duration of that dogs life - whether that is by continued support or taking a dog back should it need to be re-homed.  Reputable breeders do not (to their knowledge) have dogs they have bred populating rescue groups or animal shelters.Looking for a companion is a serious undertaking and dogs have an average life span of 9-13 years or more, so finding a healthy, well adjusted puppy to augment your life should take some consideration.  


Find a breeder that you are comfortable with and have confidence in - it’s an important relationship.  Do your research - lots of it.  Have the best possible understanding of the dog breed you are interested in and why they attract you.  Evaluate your lifestyle, your character, your previous dog experience, your availability and committment to training and how you envision the dog fitting in your life.         I look forward to hearing from you.  Andrea Tazzeo ​

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