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                                                                                                              Available for Sale 

Inquiries on available puppies and/or adult dogs are welcome by phone, text, email, Facebook Messenger or Instagram.  I am happy to answer all of your questions and will be interested to learn about you, your family, your lifestyle, previous dog experience and intentions.  

All puppies are sold on a non-breeding contract and come with a (specified ) two year written health guarantee.  Puppies are health checked by a lisenced veterinian, age appropriately vaccinated (also by a lisenced veterinarian) and parasite free prior to leaving.

Puppies are listed under the breed specific drop down menu and the parents of the litter can be referenced in the adult menus.  The character and conformation of the sire and dam will influence what one might expect from the puppies.  

Deposits are required to reserve a puppy.  

Choice of a specific puppy will be determined around six weeks of age when the character and disposition of the puppies are more d
ecernible to enable matching the right puppy to the right household.

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