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Testimonials - Reputation is earned and reflected in recommendations 

Andrea is an amazing person and breeder. My wife had an extreme fear of dogs due to a childhood accident and Andrea did everything possible to make my wife feel at ease. She even set us up for a consultation with a professional dog trainer so we can learn how dogs think, behave, ask any questions, and gave

recommendations on where to go for dog training so my wife and I have the best experience possible. She has also encouraged us to reach out with any questions, which we continue to do, so we stay on the right path. We got our pup a little older (~7 months) and the pup had a very calm energy and went straight to my wife and they bonded immediately. There were other dogs there that were more energetic but Andrea knew that the more energetic dogs would not be the right fit for our family. Almost a month later, our new pup and my wife are like best friends and you'd never know my wife had any fear of dogs in the past.

I highly recommend reaching out to Andrea at Old World Kennels, even if you are still unsure about getting a dog. There is no pressure to buy anything! Andrea was more than happy with us.  

She set us up for a consultation with a professional dog trainer so we can learn how dogs think, behave, ask any questions, and gave recommendations on where to go for dog training so my wife and I have the best experience possible. She has also encouraged us to reach out with any questions, which we continue to do, so we stay on the right path. We got our pup a little older (~7 months) and the pup had a very calm energy and went straight to my wife and they bonded immediately. There were other dogs there that were more energetic but Andrea knew that the more energetic dogs would not be the right fit for our family. Almost a month later, our new pup and my wife are like best friends and you'd never know my wife had any fear of dogs in the past.

I highly recommend reaching out to Andrea at Old World Kennels, even if you are still unsure about getting a dog. There is no pressure to buy anything! Andrea was more than happy with us coming to visit just to see the dogs, answer questions, and made sure we were 100% comfortable and found the right fit for us. Thanks Andrea.

I recently purchased a female (Zulu) rottweiler puppy from Andrea at Old Wold Kennels.  Words cannot express how amazingly perfect all of my interactions with this breeder have been.  From the very first conversation I just had a feeling that this was the right option for my family and once I met Andrea I knew that I had made the right decision.  Upon arriving at their beautiful facility the first thing I noticed was the impressive attention to detail.  With having that many dogs on the property I was expecting to smell them but I did not!  Everything was extremely clean and the setup was very well thought out.  I was able to meet both of my puppies parents who were exactly as described on the website.  They were both friendly and eager to meet my partner and I without any issues.  My female rottweiler is extremely smart, balanced, eager to please and follows the ADRK breed standards.  Andrea has been very helpful and professional with all of my questions without making me feel like I am being a bother.  She is very passionate about her breeding program, asked what my plans were in regards to my puppy and took the time to go over everything beforehand.  Zuul has been the perfect addition to my family and I would highly recommend this breeder. - Jess - November 2023

Andrea is so kind and knowledgeable and takes great pride in ensuring the dogs bread at Old World Kennels not only meet but exceed the breeds expectations. She ensures you are matched with the best dog for you and your lifestyle! We have brought home 2 of her Cane Corsos and are absolutely in love with them. Bubbles and Blu are amazing with our three young children, they are gentle giants! Old World Kennels is wonderful! 10/10 stars!!   Elenna Vanderzanden, Silverdale Excavating Inc. - October 3rd, 2023

I consider it an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to provide a review that truly captures not only the professionalism but also the immense compassion and love Old-World Kennels has for the dogs they breed.  While many reviews on various platforms may speak of this, I hope to truly highlight it.  Living in Labrador, Canada, and communicating only at a distance by phone, I couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable, dog-centric, and quality breeder. Andrea's dedication and commitment to putting the well-being of her dogs first is something that sets her apart from the rest. It's clear that every decision she makes is driven by a genuine love for her amazing dogs.  From our very first interaction, I was blown away by how much effort was put into ensuring that every detail was taken care of. Her knowledge of the breeds and dedication to quality bloodlines and their specific needs was impressive, and it made me feel confident in my decision to choose OWK’s.  But what truly sets Andrea apart is her willingness to go above and beyond expectations. She didn't just provide me with a dog and a receipt. She provided me with invaluable guidance throughout the entire process. From selecting the perfect match for my lifestyle to offering ongoing support and advice post-adoption, her dedication never wavered.  I cannot express enough how grateful I am for everything- Andrea exceeded all my expectations, and even though words may fall sort of capturing my appreciation, her efforts have made a lasting impact.  Thank you to Andrea and her family for being an exceptional breeder that genuinely cares about the breed and each and every dog that comes into this world under their care.  Kind Regards, Travis Clannon - September 8th, 2023

Andrea, I wanted to thank you once again for all that you do with your dogs.  You truly have a gift that more people should know about.  I completed a review that you are free to use where ever you may want to.  My family and I recently purchased a Cane Corso puppy from Andrea at Old World Kennels and it has been an incredible experience from day one.  Since 2021, I have been interacting with Andrea trying to determine the best breed of dog to add to my multigenerational family.  Through inquisitive discussion and my own research I knew this was the right breed for my family.  Andrea insisted that we meet the parents; Buca and Dema so we could see the temperament of the puppy that we would be getting as that was her main focus along with breeding based on following the historical accuracy of the breed.  Boy, oh boy, was I impressed!  We were greeted by a large male who was gentle, sweet and a bit of a goof ball.  The mother was kinds, gentle and genuine.  From the moment we brought Mateo home, it was as if he was already part of the family.  He wasn’t phased by our loud laughing, the vacuum cleaner nor the dishes banging around.  The true test came when fireworks erupted for Labour Day weekend - he slept right through it!  Not a care in the world :).  This has been the BEST decision that my family and I could have ever made!  I would not hesitate in recommending her services to anyone that asks.  You are not just buying a puppy, you are gaining a family member that will bring you joy from the moment you bring them home!

We recently got a great Old World Kennels male puppy to join our busy household. What can I say he is absolutely the most mild mannered family orientated pup I have ever met. In saying this, his instinctive nature for being around and looking after the people in his circle is amazing. He makes sure we are all where we need to be and if we aren't he makes sure we do not continue until everyone is where they should be. He is the most cuddly goof ball when its playtime as well. Andrea and her program are amazing and we are so grateful to be able to call one of Buca and Brera's pups our own. We will it looks like become a multiple Corso household in short order. Thank you so much for your dedication to the breed and to us as customers. Simply amazing!! Would recommend to anyone looking for and amazing family member to bring home.       Aaron Durant - August 2023

We had a wonderful experience every step of the way. Andrea is so great and knowledgable. In fact the only thing more impressive then her are the puppies she breeds. If you’re looking for a place with the highest quality of dogs, knowledgeable owner, and staff and no pressure to buy. Then this is the place for you. Andrea will not only help you find the dog you want, more importantly she will help find the right dog for your family. Because she is not just there to sell her amazing dogs. She is there to contribute a new member to your family. My family could not be happier with our new dog Aries a Cane Corso.  Marilou Villarama Chase - July 4th 2023

I found Old World Kennels on instagram and I am so thankful I found that account. I had the most incredible experience with Andrea (the breeder) while acquiring my new puppy. From the moment I contacted her, her professional and passion for their craft shone through. The care and attention they give to their breeding program are evident in the exceptional quality of the puppy I received. Not only did Andrea provide me with a healthy and well-socialized puppy, but they also went above and beyond to ensure I was well-prepared for the responsibilities of pet ownership. Her knowledge and guidance throughout the process were invaluable, making the transition into pet parenthood smooth and enjoyable. What truly sets Andrea apart is her dedication to the welfare of their animals. It's clear that their commitment to responsible breeding and ethical practices is unwavering. I can't thank Andrea enough for the gift of my new furry family member. Her expertise, kindness, and genuine love for their dogs are commendable. If you're looking for a breeder who prioritizes the well-being of their animals and delivers top-notch service, look no further than Andrea. My experience was exceptional, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a quality canine companion.  Aryana Engine - August 22nd, 2023

I found Old World Kennels on Facebook and because I loved how beautiful the puppies and dogs were I decided to follow their page...I am beyond glad I did. After a post Andrea made about raw food I contacted her with a few questions about the raw food blends she makes. She was incredibly helpful! Our German Shepherd is the pickiest eater and you would probably find his picture next to it in the dictionary. He also has terrible environmental allergies that have him scratching all day and night and covered in bumps and scabs from it, plus the smell. For a 2 year old dog this was both frustrating and heartbreaking. Andrea discussed the food blends, gave suggestions on what to start with and assured me our GSD would love the food and after awhile it should help with his issues. Usually the first day or 2 on a new food he will eat everything but then turn up his nose and eat nothing. Not the case with Andrea's raw. He devours every bite within minutes and asks for more. He even gets ridiculously happy when he knows his meal is coming. We've had a hard time keeping weight on him recently due to his lack of interest in eating but not anymore. He's been eating this for over a month now and still love it plus his coat and skin have improved and his scratching is less frequent and intense. I wasn't expecting changes so quickly but they're there! I am even more impressed and surprised with his continued love of the food! Andrea has been a valuable source for information and she is easily available and willing to answer any and all questions. I will a million percent recommend her and the raw she is feeding to anyone. I am so happy we found her and Remington thanks her immensely too. Lindsay Camara - July 5th, 2023

Andrea is truly one of a kind. If you’re looking for a breeder who is knowledgeable, ethical, supportive and genuinely cares about producing healthy puppies with solid temperaments..then I would definitely recommend Andrea! I have had dogs my entire life and I can honestly say that our boy Rambo is truly something special. He is everything you would want in a Rottweiler and more. Incredibly intelligent and eager to please- you can tell the amount of time and effort Andrea has put into not only selectively breeding quality healthy dogs but working with the puppies while they are in her home. I would 100% recommend Old World Kennels!  Jessica Santos - April 28th, 2023

This weekend we brought our first Corso home from Andrea at Old World Kennels. We are very experienced dog owners and this puppy has FAR exceeded our expectations. He is 100% bred for the spectacular traits you’d expect of a corso. A true family dog to a T. He already is so attached to our family and has little to no interest in others and just wants to be with us every second of the day no matter what we are doing. If your looking for a corso, there is absolutely NO other place to look.  Amanda Mummery - August 14th, 2023

From the very first phone call I had with Andrea, I was impressed. She spent half hour on the phone with me listening to my wants, hopes and needs for a new family member to complete our home. We sadly said good bye to our previous dog about 9 months prior. Andrea took the time to explain in great detail differences in both the Cane Corso and Rottweiler breeds. Our family went to visit Old World Kennels to meet Andrea and see the 2 different dog breeds first hand. After getting to know me and my family she had recommended a sweet little female Rottweiler puppy with a great disposition. Andrea thought that she would be a great fit for our family and She was right. We cant thank you enough.      Sincerley Rocco, Lyn and Mikaela - April 13th, 2023

Excellent breeding program. I can’t thank Andrea enough for letting us have Zena. Would highly recommend if your looking for a true cane corso !  Arek Not - November 1st, 2022

Andrea's passion and commitment to the dogs she breeds comes shining through in everything she does. We reached out to her to inquire about the possibility of welcoming one of her pups into our home and from the get go she took the time vet us to ensure we were the right family for her pup and to also find a identity a little one that would best fit us. Our boy is almost 2 and has been a joy in our lives. Andrea has remained available to guide us through questions and challenges and we trust her advice implicitly. Old World Kennels is simply the best.  Dawn Murray Nadeau - April 16th.

We got our Nino from Old World Kennels this year & they were nothing but impeccable the whole process. They are like family. Their dogs are well taken care of, raised in an optimal space to grow & are true to their breed. I would buy more in heartbeat. Highly recommend, quality breeding.

Gia Dee - July 27, 2022

We got our Nino from Old World Kennels this year & they were nothing but impeccable the whole process. They are like family. Their dogs are well taken care of, raised in an optimal space to grow & are true to their breed. I would buy more in heartbeat. Highly recommend, quality breeding. Gia Dee - July 27, 2022

I can't say enough good things about Andrea and Old World Kennels. We have welcomed "Zuko" into our home just over a week ago and we are over the moon happy with his temperament, affection and just loving personality. Andrea is a fountain of information and even while she was on holidays, she answered and helped me out with my new boy!!  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND OLD WORLD KENNELS!!!!! THANK YOU ANDREA, U R AWESOME        

Tony Atkins July 3rd, 2022

Andrea was so amazing from our first exchange. She is so knowledgeable and without a doubt full of passion. She is absolutely the most amazing breeder I have ever met. The comfort of being able to reach out to her at anytime for support is amazing! We got our Cane Corso baby from her a month ago and Luna has been a perfect addition to our family.  Jessie Ferreira - April 8th, 2022

We recently welcomed Bello to our family from Old World Kennels and we couldn't be happier. Bello is a gorgeous Cane Corso puppy with a great temperament, is very docile, and our kids love him. Andrea has been very helpful and patient with answering all of our questions and is a very quick to respond. She is a knowledgeable breeder and offers lifelong support. We are more than glad that we chose Old World Kennels and we would recommend anyone who is looking for beautiful, well-bred dogs. Thank you! Thomas da Silva - March 19th, 2022

Today is our girl Danni's 2nd birthday We are so grateful and fortunate to have found Andrea at Old World Kennels. Our Cane Corso is perfect and beautiful inside and out. Andrea, you go over and beyond for all your dogs and it shows. You have become my guide, teacher and most importantly my friend. Danni wouldn't be the amazing dog she is without your guidance, love and devotion. Thank you for all that you do and have done.  Amanda Dolson, March 31st, 2023

We adopted our Luna from Andrea and Old World Kennels in late 2021. We are absolutely in love with our girl. Andrea has been with us every step of the way. Limitless information and passion for what she does. Absolutely the best!!  Steve Francesco - March 8th, 2022

After losing my ‘big dog’ following his battle with cancer and a year for me to grieve I was ready for another in my life. I was very interested in the Cane Corso breed and once meeting Andrea it was very clear this was her passion! I met my puppy when he was 4 weeks, I held him, he sniffed me and I fell in love. I visited every weekend to continue to bond with him and then finally at 9 weeks he came home. It’s been a welcome chaos ever since!! He is a traffic stopper, his conformation is perfect for the traditional Cane Corso, his gait is athletic and his personality with his humans playful but cautious and watchful with strangers until he gets to know them. Andrea has been a great sounding board from his training to his nutrition and I would fully recommend her dogs as long as you are willing to put in the work that the dogs deserve. Evan Reid - May 19th , 2023

Andrea was great to deal with right from the start. Our family recently took home a black mask, male, Dogue de Bordeaux pup. We met with Andrea and the parents of the pup. Top notch operation, clean facilities and healthy dogs. She was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions confidently. We have a young toddler, and our pup was sent home accustomed to children, which was terrific. Up until we took him home, he was with one of the handlers and her granddaughter. The dogs truly are a part of their family. Our new boy is healthy, handsome, loving and gentle! A real head turner, beautiful dog, who is eager to please with easy trainability. We would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a confident, healthy, well-rounded dog.  JP Murray - March 11th 2022

I had a wonderful experience at Old World Kennels. I had been thinking about getting a second dog for a long time. I had so many questions. Andrea took the time to answer them all. She also asked questions that helped us to figure out which breed would work best in my home and with my other dog. In the end we decided that an Italian Mastiff would be the best choice. Andrea’s extensive knowledge about each of her dog breeds is second to none. I am so in love with this dog who I named Gia. It was evident from day one that Gia was taken care of and well loved. Her temperament is incredible. She is fun, playful, cuddly, calm and amazing with children. I have also been told by most people that meet her that she is beautiful. She has the shiniest coat and gorgeous almond shaped eyes. I have had Gia for almost 10 months now. Anytime I have questions Andrea is there. I feel so lucky to have such a caring breeder. I highly recommend Old World Kennels. Vanna Simone - January 27th, 2022

Our puppy is exquisite. She’s beautiful, learns fast, healthy, extremely self confident . I really like how Andrea, the breeder raises them before they come home to their new family. Puppies already learn from her and her other dogs, which makes my training her a lot easier. Also from day one our Tina is super happy, already well-socialized and fearless. I also like the raw food they provide and that they are always available for questions. To me dogs come first and Old World Kennels seem to share that idea. I highly recommend! Jaana Paltanen - August 3rd, 2021

Andrea is such an amazing person who helped me and my family find our new member, I purchased a Cane Corso from her and he is amazing and was taken care of so well, I really recommend her to everyone, very passionate about what she does and on top of that supplies raw for my dog as well, I just wanna say thank you so much once again and we’re beyond grateful for you! Rahul Rattan - June 8th, 2021

Where do I start? Andrea is so caring, honest and very knowledgeable. My family and I wanted another Rottweiler but ended up with a Cane Corso which I didn’t know much about. She saw the puppy with my boys and knew he was the better fit for our family. She explained the breed to us and knew some of the trials we’ve been dealing with and going through and told me this breed is such a wonderful family dog and so intuitive which I loved. I can tell just how much she really loves her job and her dogs and makes sure they go to the right family. The quality of puppies she breeds and raises are phenomenal. I will definitely buy another from her in the future. 

Thank you so much Andrea.  Lindsay Souter - May 29, 2021

Absolute beautiful dogs coming out of Old World Kennels! Highly recommend. Recently purchased a Rottweiler puppy from Andrea and she was thorough and informative throughout the whole process. This is my first time owning a Rottweiler so you can imagine the amount of questions I had. Andrea took the time to answer all of my questions whether in person or through text (in a very very timely manner). Keep up the great work!  Andrew Chu - January 3, 2021

Got my Rottweiler from Andrea, and I have to say that the experience was top notch from start to finish! Everything she does is very transparent, all questions are answered fully and confidently. She has beautiful, healthy dogs. This was more than just getting a puppy, it was knowing that you have lifetime support, proven genetics and a responsible breeder trying to restore these historic companions. I’d recommend Old World Kennels to anyone interested, you can tell these dogs aren’t to make a quick buck, they’re truly a passion and no expense is spared making sure you take home the highest quality dog possible.  

Dean Zimmo - January 7th, 2021

As an animal behaviour and welfare specialist, I can honestly say that Andrea understands and ensures her dogs’ welfare both physically and mentally. She’s an ethical breeder who strives to give her dogs a great quality of life. I’ve run enough audits and been in the animal welfare profession long enough to know good apples from the bad ones and everything in between; she’s the real deal. Dog lover and competent breeder, I’m proud to call Andrea a friend and breeder colleague.   Stephanie Yue - January 11, 2021

After well over a year of reaching out and talking to different breeders, we were feeling discouraged and frankly disgusted by some of the conversations we’d had. We decided to hold off on getting a dog, until the right opportunity came along. Cue Old World Kennels… We stumbled upon Andrea’s name on the CKC website and reached out to her. After an hour long conversation, full of questions from both sides, she mentioned one of her female Rottweilers had just had puppies. It felt completely organic and meant to be! The next 2 months were filled with many updates and conversations, to which Andrea answered any questions we had - sometimes within minutes! It became extremely clear that she is not in this business to make money - she doesn’t even advertise her dogs. This is strictly a labour of love! We had the opportunity to visit her farm before lockdown and her dogs are absolutely incredible! We got to meet our girl’s mom, dad, uncle and even a cousin from another litter. Their temperaments were amazing and their training extremely evident. To say we were impressed, would be an understatement! Fast forward and we’ve had our girl home for just over a week. She is confident, sweet, extremely social, responsive and incredibly smart. The work Andrea put in with her and her siblings during their first 8 weeks of life, is very apparent. She matched our family with the perfect little girl and we will be forever indebted to her. Although most breeder/client relationships end when you’ve picked up your puppy, Old World Kennels doesn’t believe in this. The communication lines are always open with Andrea and she is there for lifetime support. This has been priceless during the first week. She has completely, without a doubt, restored our faith in breeders!      Kathleen McMillan - January 8th, 2021

Being new to the Rottweiler breed my partner and I did a ton of research before reaching out to breeders in our area. Old World Kennels stood out to us immediately. We were super picky about the look of the Rottweiler we wanted, as well as personality/temperament. Andrea was so informative about the Rottweiler breed and really made sure she learned about our lifestyle and our desired traits/qualities we wanted in our dog. She has also put so much work into making sure her puppies have a great start to life before they go home with their new families. Our puppy Reese has excelled in all of her socialization and training we that we have done thus far. Nothing scares her and she is so happy/sound minded. We are very impressed and love our little girl.We highly recommend Old World Kennels if you are looking for the perfect Rottweiler!  Lindsay Butler - August 31st, 2021

Old World Kennels is simply phenomenal! I had issues for months with a prior breeder, but I feel it was only so I can meet Andrea from Old World Kennels. I purchased a strong confident, and friendly rottweiler female. Andrea provided lots of knowledge regarding the breed and training tips. if you are looking for a rottweiler I would highly recommend old world kennels!  Dylan Ranger - December 9th, 2020

Andrea was so easy to communicate with and made sure everything was professional and taken care of! She still keeps in contact with me (and Laika) and answers any questions I have about the breed or training. She has been so wonderful and helpful throughout this whole process. She started calling Laika by her name before she was flown to me in order to get her used to it; she goes above and beyond and I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much for my beautiful little girl!  

Samantha Lee - October 23, 2019

Just wanted to give a bit of a review, I have had the pleasure of meeting Andrea couple years ago when I was interested in getting a Dogue de Bordeaux, to join my pack of two corsos that I have. after long story short, my wife and I eventually took a trip to Old World Kennels facility. What a place, I have never seen such a top notch facility. The dogs being raised at Old World Kennels, are truly family dogs, with the best bloodlines, as well as the best diets.... to wrap up, we actually ended up bringing home another stunning male Canè Corso, and he is flawless. We highly highly recommend Old World Kennels for your French or Italian mastiffs...!!! 10/10!!!  Jason Smith - August 15th, 2021

Just picked up our new baby from Andrea. The pup has the best temperament, she is so sweet and absolutely beautiful! Andrea is a dream come true! Compassionate, knowledgeable, accommodating and trustworthy.. everything you could ask for in a breeder. She loves her pups, and it shows in the quality of what she has delivered to our family. We feel truly blessed to have had the experience we did. Thank you so much for going out of your way to give us an absolutely perfect Christmas baby. We will forever be grateful to you and your family for the love and compassion that each of you show your dogs, which makes the transition to their new homes so much easier. We have received such a wonderful little girl! Thank you!  Alisa Marie - December 24th, 2017

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