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About the Breeder

Who We Are


Andrea Tazzeo

We are Andrea and Stephen Tazzeo and our two children, Nicolas and Julian. 

Neither Stephen nor myself grew up with animals. This journey and enjoyment of them has come to fruition in our adult years!

In addition to the dogs, we have a few horses, a donkey, a couple of cows, a parrot and my husband Stephen has his ducks.

The four of us adore animals - it is a passion that we are able to share as a family and I am grateful for that as it is definately a lifestyle.

In addition to the efforts we contribute as a family, we are well supported by a crew of dedicated staff that help meet the needs of the animals in our care.

We are members of Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub (the ADRK), the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), The Cane Corso Association of America (CCAA) and the International Cane Corso Federation (ICCF).

We are a Lisenced and Inspected Kennel with the City Of Hamilton.


Stephen Tazzeo

Where as we all seem to have our favourite dog, with Stephen it’s his ducks.


Nicolas Tazzeo

And his German Shepherd / Malinois mix, Agat.  Also a dog that is not a part of our breeding program but was welcomed to our home when his inappropriate responses to job demands that were not fitting for his temperament got him in some trouble.  With Nicholas he makes a great companion and is always eager for a game of retrieving - tennis balls or logs.

Julian Tazzeo

And his Cane Corso, Aries.  A dog that was not a part of our breeding program, but was welcomed as a refuge from appalling circumstances.  At 13 years of age, Aries is indulged -  enjoying sleeping on Julian’s bed and snacking on any chinese food that might come her way.  

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