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Who Lets the Dogs Out?

When I began breeding 10 years ago my intention was to establish a set up that would enable my breeding dogs to be a part of the household, to provide generous and safe spaces for exercise and a buddy system, where dogs that enjoyed one anothers company could be paired.  These were components that I believed would optomize the mental and physical health of my dogs.  

Dogs are outside daily, rotating through different yards to provide a change of scenery and exposure to different sights and sounds.  In the evening they are brought back inside, segregated as necessary and rotated regularly.  This helps ensure that all dogs are handled multiple times on a daily basis by a variety of people.  Dogs routinely benefit from one on one time - walked around the property on leash, spend time loose to get in a good gallop, play a game of ball, swim in the pond, have extra belly rubs - all the things they treasure and maintain their connection to their people.  This requires lots of hands on time and I am thankful for the team that supports these efforts.

All the puppies are whelped and raised in the house to ensure they are familar with household sounds - the vacuum, the dishwasher, people laughing, talking, the smells of cooking and all the other components that make a house a home.  Puppies are handled and stimulated throughout the day and by various people.  At around six weeks old, the puppies have outdoor pens where they can experience grass, cars, ducks, horses and all the outdoor sights, sounds and smells.  The more the puppies can be safely exposed to, the easier their transition from our home to yours.  A confident, curious, social puppy is on the right path to becoming a sound, reliable, adaptable adult dog.

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