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A well- bred, well- tempered Rottweiler is a magnificent beast and one to hold in high regard. I can’t think of a dog that has a bigger presence. 

Bred as a guardian they must be strong in mind and body. They must be confident and social in order to do their job. 

Our Rottweilers are predominantly ADRK (the german registry) lineage. They were bred solely to perform in IGP (Internationale Gebrauchshund Pruefung), formerly Shutzhund, which literally means “dog sport”. IGP consists of high level obedience, tracking and protection work (bitework). The dog must reliable, think independently and be immensely brave and hardy. 

The very best Rottweilers achieve “Gerkort” predicate which means a lifetime breeding distinction is awarded to them. We have two females  from Gekort sires.

They are also shown in conformation to ensure they fit the strict German breed standards. There is a distinct difference between the appearance of the males and females and the largest difference in weight of any other breed. Males should be bigger with larger heads and deeper chests, but not exceed 120lbs. Females should be finer, more elegant featured, with a maxim weight of 90lbs. There are actually two different head standards for the different sexes in the ADRK. Our dogs have glorious coats, with pigmentations that are dark rich mahogany. (Beware - they do shed, and they shed a lot!).

These qualities, this genetic make up must be taken into consideration when considering a Rottwieler as a companion.  They come pre programmed to work.  They will crave activity and mental stimulation.  They are predisposed to independent thinking and if you don’t provide specific direction, they will create their own.  They are a dog with guarding instincts and MUST be well trained and socialized early (see training information for details and definitions of socializing) with clear instruction.  It is a large, strong willed breed that requires firm, fair, consistent handling.  They thrive on rules and clear boundaries and will require you to be consistently on top of your game - specially in their younger years.  If your temperament or your household does not meet this criteria, a different breed may be more appropriate.

If this is a lifestyle you can provide for this breed and you put in the time and effort, you may enjoy the best dog experience EVER.  They are worth the effort.  With a solid training foundation the direction to take with a Rottwieler is limitless.  They excel in IGP, PSA (Protection sports), agility, obedience, dock diving the list goes on and on. 

At the end of the day if you have put in the work and they understand the expectations, they are wonderful family members.

We adhere to the German ADRK standard for our Rottweilers which prohibits tail docking and dew claw docking with no exceptions.

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